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They’re all straight – some even married with children.Some married, some living with a man, and some still dating. We fooled around together when we were younger, but most girls go through that phase – especially in an all-girls school. When I announced I was inducing to satisfy my lover’s need to nurse, they were so casual.When she switched breasts, she kissed me so deeply before starting to nurse from my other breast. Once the two of you have agreed to let you nurse, ask your lover to go without a bra when at home. When you massage her breasts while kissing her, she’ll feel your touch so much better.

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You must tell your lover you absolutely need to nurse her.

Tell her you need to take her nipple into your mouth and suckle.

Since we induced on a four-hour schedule, I need to breastfeed or pump every four hours.

My lover savors the taste and quantity of milk I produce.

Breastfeeding her is so sensual and exciting for me!